The High-tech House Design

High-tech architecture

This high-tech sustainable house consists of a spacious kitchen-living area with sliding glass doors and corner panoramic windows, an open office space with a shared workspace , a fitness room, four bathrooms, and and three commodious bedrooms, each room with a large balcony or terrace, and an open stairway with an extensive glazing curtain wall. The minimalistic hight-tech form of the house combines a composition of cuboid solids with flat and shed roofs. It was designed with a characteristic trapezoid terrace, extensive panoramic windows, and exterior sliding sun shutters.
The home property is equiped with a plethora of remote control automatication systems and indoor high-tech improvements such as 3D sound and video devices, a home cinema, a high-speed internet connection, monitoring, and other technological amenities. A contemporary high-tech design enhances an interior aesthetic of the household and improves its comfort. Additionally, energy efficient systems include solar panels, an air-source heating system and underfloor heating. The house also has a central vacuum system to protect from allergens and ensure clean air.

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