Passive house design

Contemporary minimalistic residential design

The scope is to develop a housing design in the international construction methodology, developed by the Passive House Institute /PHI/ in Germany, for individual dwelling units, multifamily estates, and parts of existing buildings. General technical parameters of the Passive House design such as geometry, orientation, and volume reduce final costs of an energy usage. Consequently, we recommend innovative rigorous energy-efficient buildings with a compact shape and sunny open-plan interior space, cool in summer, and warm in winter. Focal technological solutions include renewable energy technologies and innovative installations such as rooftop photovoltaic solar panels, heating by air-source heat pumps, whole-house ventilation system, and solar shading. The Passive House Standard guarantees a pleasant interior environment with a thermal comfort and constant flow of fresh air. The Passive house design is a relatively new concept of a high energy performance house, thus a process of planning and constructing requires a high competence and knowledge.

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