Multipurpose Sports Hall, Bydgoszcz

Expansion of the Sports school building

This Multipurpose Sports Hall was the major expansion of the existing sports school. Buildings are linked with the glazed passage on the upper floor. The ground floor accommodates a small size gym, fitness room, conference hall, storage facilities, utility space, and changing rooms. The full-size sports court, located on the upper floor, serves for training in various sports disciplines such as handball, basketball, volleyball, and indoor soccer. The audience balcony for 260 spectators is available on the mezzanine floor, sitauated above the multiple sports field. The evacuation zone of the building consists of two indoor stairways and an elevator. The large flat roof with steel trusses is equipped with a siphonic roof drainage system. Facades are finished with brick claddings and partially plastered. Extensive glazed surfaces are filled with a U-shape channel glass system.

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