Malkowo Park II design

Modern estate of energy-efficient bungalows

This residential estate is the second phase of the Malkowo Park development , located on suburbs of Gdansk. The project includes 18 single-family units of several types such as type S with 2 bedrooms, and types M and L with 3 bedrooms. The scope was to create a comfortable residential estate consisting of various cost-effective contemporary bungalows in a green neighborhood. Facades are plastered in light warm tones and gamble roofs are covered with ceramic red tiles. Roofs shelter builings with entrances and garden terraces. Plain interior layouts are customized into an open-plan living-room with a kitchenette, and comfortable bedrooms and bathrooms. Houses with large windows supplying natural light are optimally oriented to cardinals. All buildings are equipped with renewable energy-efficient installations such as air source heat pumps and indoor ventilation systems. The project incorporates passive systems solutions to support an interior comfort and imply practical aspects of saving energy.

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