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A living room is a central existential area of a modern apartment or a house. Among the most important planning factors, we can list daily habits of residents, a dimension and type of plan, or windows placement and size. A well-appointed living room space gives a few possibilities of stylish decoration from a contemporary to more conventional indoor space, or an elegant mixture of modern and old-fashioned elements. A drawing room is a primar community area for family members and friends — a place of spending free time and relaxing after work and school duties. An arrangement of an interior space should be adequate to this important purpose. A  furniture layout including pieces like sofas, tables, chairs and cabinets should be arranged toward the most prominent feature of a living room like a TV set, fireplace, or windows. 

A comfortable and visually attractive connection of  indoor and outdoor spaces with sliding doors and extensive glass surfaces  creates two-in-one universal living area . Large windows correctly oriented to cardinal directions improve energy effiency, protect from summer heat and bring several benefits such as captured views, a temeprature comfort and natural ventillation at home.

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living room

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