Flexible connections between storeys

Stairways are very important structures in an indoor planning of residential and commercial buildings. For all the most necessary reasons, staircases and hallways require a sustainable and ergonomic design compatible with the fire protection and evacuation conditions.

A consideration of the most convinient type of stairs provides a specific kind of a visual appeal and occupies varying amounts of an utility area. Types and shapes of staircases are varied from floating to massive stairs of multiple shapes and slope steps, equipped with railings and balustrades.

Contemporary open-plan layouts of our households and various facilities involve aspects of comfort and aesthetics.  Stairs and passageways are often an integral part of a sophisticated multifunctional space like a lobby, foyer, atelier, reception, a hallway with restaurants, cafeterias and bars, or an open-office area.

Elevators and escalator stairs are extra obligatory and very effective solutions for storeys connections in contemporary commercial buildings.

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