Stairways are very important structures in an indoor planning of residential and commercial buildings. For all the most necessary reasons, staircases and hallways…

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Outdoor room design

Multiple outdoor room ideas bring effective and innovative schemes for gardens, frontsyards, and backyards. The first and most important consideration is a purpose…

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Decorating a bedroom—bathroom area is an excellent opportunity to create a comfort wellness zone, minimalist sanctuary, or a bold boudoir. Both bedroom and…

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living room

Living room

A living room is a central existential area of a modern apartment or a house. Among the most important planning factors, we can…

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Kitchen—Dinning Room

A splendid kitchen—dining space should identify a personal style, individual needs and a sense of comfort. It may be an open-plan kitchenette connected…

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Commercial space—Lobby

Commercial space requires a flexible interior planning, combining multifunctional purposes. The primary idea must exhibit an integrity of an indoor space throughout a…

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