Architecture & Design
+ Interior Planning

Renata Stefania Wesierska

Mastering design

Architecture is a sensitive and elaborate field of expertise, composed of various substantial elements. All specific parts must work together for both utalitarian and perceptible purposes. A dominant influence upon an architectural workshop has an integrated design developed in conjunction with a shared effort of a project-team. An approach to the ensemble of design unites material and symbolic aspects in balanced spatial planning throughout an environmental restoration and integration of landscape structure.

Architecture and Design

A qualified architect with strong proficiencies in architectural and graphic design, possessing a profound understanding of purposes and complex technical circumstances. This permanent
conscientiousness focuses on enhancing of aesthetic and sustainable architecture.
The scope is to achieve improved final solutions with a cooperative effort of specialists from related branches of expertise. The progress is possible only with evaluating schemes and efficient recognition of individual and social needs.
The integrated professional practice includes delivering perfectly finished projects in every phase and a constant verification of compliances, specifications, and principles.

Liaison with Clients

In the first phase of the collaboration with a client, after initial consultations, we prepare a concept design that identifies key purposes and parameters of a building such as character, scale, shape, and primary schemes. A development of technically detailed layouts is the next stage. In time, we ensure that an entire documentation is complete and archived correctly. We support clients in bidding and negotiating with contractors. When a project comes into the further phase of constructing, our task is to supervise and define all technical issues. A constant collaboration with customers, contractors and professionals is essential to keep cost limitations, the best possible standards, and efficient final solutions.